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Year Book 1970 - What Else Happened?

Year Book 1970 - What Else Happened?

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So what made news in 1970? President Nixon s war in Vietnam, and now Cambodia, was getting unpopular in the USA and Oz. We decided to take our 8th Battalion home. Melbourne s Westgate Bridge fell into the water and killed 35 workmen. The Queen, Prince Phillip, and two kids came to Oz. They liked it, so the Pope came later. Margaret Court, John Newcombe, Shane Gould, and Raylene Boyle all did well overseas, and made us think we were world-beaters. Mick Jagger starred in Ned Kelly . There were 13 million people and 180 million sheep in Oz. The Indian Pacific made its first trip across the nation.

Each book meticulously crafted to delve into the remarkable events that shaped the lives of real people. These thought-provoking books are not only intended to ignite a sense of wonder for forgotten times, but also to spark engaging conversations between generations about our shared history and heritage.

 With its engaging storytelling and meticulous attention to detail, this series is the perfect gift for anyone born in the featured year. Give the gift of cherished memories and meaningful conversations with our series of volumes.

Author: Ron Williams