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Year Book 1963 - What Else Happened?

Year Book 1963 - What Else Happened?

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In 1963. The bodies of Bogle and Chandler mystified police and still do so. The Queen popped in and knighted Bob, now Sir Bob Menzies. Initiation ceremonies to universities and the military vexed some caring mothers, and the Labour Party was ridiculed for listening to 36 faceless men. The fruits of the Baby Boom were being harvested so that hooliganism was a big problem. John Kennedy, President of the USA, was shot dead.

Each book meticulously crafted to delve into the remarkable events that shaped the lives of real people. These thought-provoking books are not only intended to ignite a sense of wonder for forgotten times, but also to spark engaging conversations between generations about our shared history and heritage.

 With its engaging storytelling and meticulous attention to detail, this series is the perfect gift for anyone born in the featured year. Give the gift of cherished memories and meaningful conversations with our series of volumes.

Author: Ron Williams